Liverpool churches (in 1902)

This list of Liverpool churches was extract from Gores 1902 Directory by Barbara Humphreys. Published here with Barbara's consent. L&SW Lancs FHS extends it's thanks.

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Picture of Saint Peter's Church
THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH OF ST NICHOLAS Cathedral Church of St Peter, Church Street, built in 1700 St Nicholas's Church, Chapel Street, built 1360, body rebuilt 1776, tower rebuilt 1815
Picture of Saint Nicholas's Church


All Saints Church, Toxteth Park (Prince's park)
All Saints Church, Great Nelson street, Consecrated 22nd December, 1848
All Souls' Church, Eaton st, Vauxhall road, (New parish of Vauxhall) foundation stone laid by Charles Groves, Esq. 1st August 1854, consecrated 6th March, 1856
Chapel of the School for the Blind, (Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary) built 1819, removed to Hardman Street and rebuilt 1850.
Christ Church, Hunter Street, built 1797.
Christ Church, Kensington, consecrated July 21, 1870
Christ Church, Everton, Great Homer Street, Consecrated 1848
Christ Church, Toxteth Park, Linnet lane, Sefton Park, Consecrated April 27, 1871
Emmanuel Church, Everton, West Derby road, opened February 15, 1867
Holy Innocents Church, Myrtle Street, In connexion with the Orphan Asylums, consecrated March 18, 1854.
Holy Trinity Church, St Anne street, built 1792
Holy Trinity Church, Toxteth park, Parliament street, built 1868 (1858??)
Holy Trinity Church, Walton Breck, Breck road, built 1847.
Holy Trinity (Parish) Church, Wavertree, Church road, built 1794
St Agnes' Church, Toxteth park, Ullet road (near Croxteth gate, Sefton park),
St Aidan's Church, (late Victoria Road), Latham street, Stanley road, opened 27th June, 1856, consecrated 17th February, 1859. Removed and re-built by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board in Latham street, Stanley road in 1875.
St Alban's, Bevington Church, Limekiln-lane, Liverpool.
St Ambrose Church, Everton, Prince Edwin st, erected 1871
St Andrew's Church, Toxteth Park, Aigburth road. Built originally in Renshaw street, 1815. New church on present site in 1893.
St Anne's Church (Richmond), Cazneau street, built 1772, re-built and consecrated in 1871, on a site close to.
St Anne's Church, Stanley, Prescot road
St Asaph's Welsh Church, Kirkdale
St Athanasius's Church, Kirkdale, Fountains rd, consecrated 30 Nov, 1880
St Augustine's Church, Everton, Shaw st, built 1830
St Barnabas, Smithdown road (corner of Cramond avenue),
Chapel of Ease to SS Matthew and James Church. Dedicated June 29, 1900.
St Bartholomew's Church, Naylor street. Vauxhall, opened 9th Feb, 1841.
St. Bede's Church, Toxteth Park, Hartington road, consecrated, May 1886.
St. Benedict's Church, Everton, Kepler street.
St. Bride's Church, Percy street, built 1830
St. Bridget's (Chapel of Ease to Holy Trinity Parish Church, Wavertree), Bagot street.
St. Catherine's Church, Abercromby square.
St. Catherine's Church, Edge Hill, Tunnel road,. St. Chad's (Parish) Church, Everton valley.
St. Chrysostom's Church, Everton, Aubrey street, built 1852, opened August 31, 1853.
St. Clement's Church, Toxteth Park, Beaumont street, Windsor, consecrated June 1841.
St. Cleopas Church, Toxteth Park, Beresford road.
St. Columba's Church, Pleasant street, consecrated December 9, 1858.
St. Cuthbert's Church, Everton, Robson st.
St. Cyprian's, Edge Hill, Edge lane, built 1881.
St. David's Church, Brownlow hill, built 1827.
St. Deiniol's Church, Upper Parliament Street, dedicated June 14th, 1901.
St. Dunstan's Church, Edge Hill, Earle road. Consecrated May 18th, 1889, built by the Earle Family.
St. Gabriel's Church, Toxteth Park, Beaufort street, consecrated October 18th, 1884.
St. George's Church, Everton, Heyworth street, built 1814. Restored and re-seated 1878.
St. James's Church, Toxteth Park, Chesterfield st, opened 1775. Outside restored 1830, interior restored 1875.
St. James Church, West Derby, Mill lane, built 1846, restored 1869.
St. James-the-Less, Stanley road.
St. John the Baptist's Church, Toxteth Park, Park road, consecrated 1832.
St. John the Baptist Church, Tue Brook, West Derby road.
St John the Divine's Church, Fairfield, Holly Road, Consecrated January 1852.
St John the Evangelist Church, Everton, Richmond Terrace, Breck road, consecrated 6th February 1890.
St John the Evangelist Church, Knotty Ash. Built 1835.
St John the Evangelist Church, Walton, Rice lane. Consecrated Sept. 10, 1880.
St Jude's Church, Hardwick street, built 1831, restored 1881-97 and 1901.
St. Lawrence's Church, Kirkdale. Licensed Feb 17 1884. Consecrated Nov 1st 1893.
St. Luke's Church, Berry Street, first stone laid April 9, 1811, consecrated 1831.
St Luke the Evangelist Church, Walton, consecrated June 13, 1901.
St Margaret's Church, Anfield, Belmont road, erected by the late Mr Alderman Preston.
St Margaret's Church, Toxteth Park, Prince's road, Consecrated July 20, 1869,
St Mark's Church, upper Duke street, built 1803.
St Martin's in the Fields Church, Silvester street built 1828.
St Mary's (Parish) Church, Edge Hill, built 1813.
St Mary's Church, Kirkdale, built 1835.
St Mary's Church, Wavertree, Sandown Park, built 1853.
St Mary's (Parish) Church, Walton, County road, built 1326, re-building of New Church completed in 1842. Restored 1887.
St Mary Magdalene Church, Kempston Street.
St Mary the Virgin Parish Church, West Derby, The Village.
St Matthew's Church, Scotland Road, consecrated 1848.
St Mattew's Church, Toxteth Park, Hill street.
St Matthias's Church, Great Howard street, built originally in Love lane 1833, removed to present site 1848. Present church consecrated April 17th, 1849.
St Michael's Church, Upper Pitt street, first stone laid June 21, 1816, opened 1826.
St Michael's Church,
St Michael's Hamlet, St Michaels Road, built 1815.
St Nathaniel Church, West Derby, Windsor, consecrated July 17, 1869
St Pancras Church, Lidderdale road, Smithdown Road (Chapel of Ease to St Agnes).
St Paul's Church, St Paul's square, built 1769.
St Paul's Church, Prince's Park, Toxteth Park, built 1848.
St Paul's Church, Kirkdale, North Shore, Kirkdale, consecrated July 18, 1868.
St Peter's Church, Everton, Sackville street, opened February 14, 1850.
St Peter's Church, Aintreet, Warbreck Moor. Opened Nov 1877.
St Philemon's Church, Toxteth Park, Windsor st. Consecrated July 18th, 1874.
St Philip's Church, Liverpool (removed from Hardman street).
St Polycarp's Church, Everton, Netherfield road North.
St Saviour's Church, Huskisson street, erected 1840, destroyed by fire February 4th 1900, rebuilt and opened July 12th 1901.
St Saviour's Church, Everton, Breckfield road North, Consecrated October 21st, 1869.
St Silas Church, Pembroke place, opened Oct. 1811.
St Silas Parish Church, Toxteth Park, High Park st, consecrated September 1865
St Simon Church, St Vincent street. Built and consecrated 1848, re-built and re-opened July 15, 1866, consecrated June 14, 1872.
St Simon and St Jude's Parish Church, Anfield, Anfield road. Building commenced October 17th 1894. Church consecrated by the Bishop of Liverpool (Right Rev. Dr. Ryle) February 25th 1896.
St Stephen's Church, Byrom street, consecrated 1870.
St Stephen-the-Martyr Church, Edge Hill, Grove street, built 1851, removed and rebuilt 1882.
St Thomas's Church, Park lane, built 1750.
St Thomas's Church, Toxteth Park, Warwick street. Built 1840.
St Timothy's Church, Everton, Rokeby street.
St Titus's Church, Portland street, built 1864, consecrated 1865.
Liverpool Workhouse Chapel, Brownlow Hill.
Royal Infirmary, Pembroke place. West Derby
Union Workhouse Chapel, Rice lane, Walton-on-the-Hill.
West Derby Union Infirmary Chapel, Mill road, Everton
West Derby Union Labour Test House, Belmont road.


All Hallow's Church, Allerton, consecrated 10th August 1876. Built 1874 - 1876. Erected by the late John Bibby, Esq., Hart hill, Allerton.
All Saint's Parish Church, Childwall.
All Saint's Church, Stoneycroft, Broad Green road, built 1875.
Christ Church, Bootle, Breeze hill, built 1866. Christ Church, Waterloo, Waterloo road, re-built 1892.
St Anne's Church, Aigburth, built 1837.
St Bartholomew's Church, Roby, built 1850.
St Faith's Church, Crosby, Waterloo road North, consecrated 21 April 1900.
St Hilda, Hunt's Cross (Chapel of Ease to St Peter's).
St John's Church, Bootle, Brasenose road, built 1864.
St John's Church, Waterloo, St John's road.
St Leonard's Church, Bootle, Peel road, built and consecrated 1889.
St Luke's Church, Great Crosby, Liverpool road, built 1853.
St Mary's Church, Bootle, Derby road, built 1827.
St Mary's Church, Grassendale, built 1853.
St Mary the Virgin, Waterloo, Waterloo Park, nave unfinished. Consecrated 1886.
St Matthew and St James's Church, Mossley Hill. Built 1870 - 1875. Consecrated June 23 1875.
St Matthew's Church, Bootle, Stanley road, built 1891.
St Michael's New Church, Garston, opened 1877.
St Michael's Church, Huyton, Huyton lane.
St Nicholas's Church, Blundellsands, Bridge road, Great Crosby. Consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester, Sept 25, 1874
St Peter's New Church, Much Woolton, Church road, built 1877.
St Philip's Church, Litherland, Orrell lane, opened for divine service in 1863.
St Stephen's Church, Gateacre, Belle Vale road.
St Thomas's Church, Seaforth, Church st, built 1815.
Seamen's Orphan Institution Chapel, Orphan drive, Newsham park.


Christ Church, Martin's lane, Liscard


CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF LIVERPOOL Comprises the hundreds of West Derby, Leyland, Amounderness and Lonsdale in Lancashire, and the Isle of Man.

Pro-Cathedral of St Nicholas, Copperas Hill
St Alban's, Athol street
All Saint's, Oakfield
All Soul's, Collingwood street
St Alphonsus, 130 Kirkdale road
St Anne's Priory, 7 Overbury street, Edge Hill
St Anthony's, Scotland road
St Augustine's, 44 Great Howard street
St Bernard's, Kingsley road
St Bridget's, Bevington hill
St Charles', Aigburth road
St Clare's, Arundel avenue, Sefton Park Holy Cross, Great Crosshall street
St Edward's College, St Domingo road, Everton
St Francis of Sales, Walton
St Francis Xavier's, Salisbury street Sacred Heart, 2 Hall lane
St John's, Kirkdale St Joseph's, 8 Grosvenor street
St Mary's, Highfield street
St Michael's, West Derby road
St Oswald's, Old Swan
Our Lady of the Annunciation, Bishop Eton, Woolton road, Wavertree
Our Lady of Good Help, Wavertree
Our Lady Immaculate, St Domingo road
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 27 High Park street
Our Lady of Reconciliation, Eldon street
St Patrick's, Park place
St Paul's, West Derby
St Peter's, Seel street
St Philip-Neri's, Maryland street
The Blessed Sacrament, Walton
St Sylvester's, Silvester street
St Vincent of Paul, St James street Convent of Notre Dame and Training College 82 to 108 Mount Pleasant
The Workhouse Chaplains and the Chaplain of Walton Gaol (who are all named) seem to come under this 'umbrella.'
St Joseph's, Blundellsands
St Alexander's, St John's road, Kirkdale
St James's, Chestnut grove, Marsh lane
St Winefride, 60 Merton road, Bootle
Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Cemetery, Sterrix lane, Ford
Our Lady of Compassion, Formby
St Anne's, Freshfield
St Peter's College for Foreign Missions
St Francis Assissi, Garston
St Swithin's, Gillmoss
St Austin's, Grassendale
SS Peter and Paul, Great Crosby
St Agnes', Huyton
Holy Family, Ince Blundell
St Mary's, Little Crosby
Our Lady, Lydiate
St George's, Maghull
St Bennet's, Netherton
Our Lady Star of the Sea, Seaforth
St Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo
St Mary's, Much Woolton


Meets at the Common Hall, Hackins Hey, on the second Monday in every month.

BLUNDELLSANDS, opened 1898 BOOTLE, Peel road, opened 1896
CANNING STREET, opened May 10, 1846
EARLE ROAD, built in 1863.
EGREMONT, King street, Egremont, opened July 1863
EVERTON VALLEY, founded 1862
FAIRFIELD, Beech street opened 1864
GRANGE ROAD, Birkenhead, Regent place, Grange road West, Birkenhead, opened 1848
HAMILTON MEMORIAL, Laird street, Birkenhead, opened in 1868
ISLINGTON (Corner of Salisbury street), opened January 1845
MOUNT PLEASANT, opened June 1, 1827
PRINCE'S ROAD, Corner of Upper Warwick street, opened 1879
ROCK FERRY, New Chester road, opened 1858
QUEEN'S ROAD, Corner of Breck road, erected 1861
ST ANDREW'S, Conway street, Birkenhead, opened June 28, 1840
ST ANDREW'S, Crosby road, Waterloo, opened December 1876
ST COLUMBA'S, Smithdown gate, opened 1897
ST GEORGE'S, Myrtle street, opened August 6, 1845
ST PAUL'S, North road, Devonshire park, Higher Tranmere, opened October 1900
ST PETER'S, Silvester street, opened May 9, 1849
SEACOMBE, Church road, Seacombe, opened 1865
SEFTON PARK, built 1879
SHAW STREET, opened 1860
STONEYCROFT, Green lane, opened January 1, 1900
TRINITY, Belvedere road, Prince's park, opened 1857
TRINITY, Oxton, Alton road, opened 1866
TRINITY, Bootle, Trinity road, built originally in Derby road, Kirkdale, 1860. Removed to present site 1887
TRINITY, Walton, Corner of Rice lane and Orrell lane, opened 1898
UNION, Fountains road, Stanley road, Kirkdale, opened 1881
UPTON, founded 1898, church opened 1900
VAUXHALL ROAD, opened 1867
WEST KIRBY, Meols drive, opened 1890


OLDHAM STREET, opened 1793
ST ANDREW'S, Rodney street, opened Dec 3 1824


CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH, Canning street, corner of Catharine street, completed in 1856


ST NICOLAS, Prince's road, Prince's park

GERMAN CHURCH, Renshaw street, built 1777


LD HEBREW CONGREGATION, Synagogue,Prince's road
NEW HEBREW CONGREGATION, Hope place Synagogue.


Seamen's Institute, Hanover Street
Bootle Seamen's Institute Sailor's Home
Birkenhead, Mission and Reading Room,
West Float Runcorn Seamen's Institute Ellesmere Port,
Mission Room Garston
River Mersey S.Y. "Good Cheer"