Liverpool Schools - Availability of Records

All the following information is available in the Liverpool Record Office

There are 3 compiled lists of the available records of Liverpool Schools.

  1. Index as below to all available School Records including log books, plans of, papers relating to and Registers etc. This list is only the School Registers that still exist and are held in the Liverpool RO
  2. List of Clarence Street, Pupil Teachers College
  3. List of Photographs of Schools available in the Liverpool Record Office

List of Clarence Street, Pupil Teachers College

Clarence St. Pupil Teachers College

A Register arranged by school for each school gives:-

Name of pupil teacher Date of Birth
Name of parent Occupation of parent
Residence Name of previous school (? or school attended)
Details of examinations Date of Withdrawal
Remarks (usually a standard number I, II or fair)

Index giving name of pupil teacher (grouped in years) and name of school

Schools entered in the volume are:

All Saints Pleasant Street
Anfield Rd Arnot Street Queens Road
Ashfield Street Rathbone
Balfour Institute Roscommon Street
Balm Street Sefton Park
Bankhall Institute Sheil Road
Beauford Street Soho Square
Birchfield Road St. Athanasius
Boaler Street St. Augustine's
Brae Street St. Catherines
Brunswick Wesleyan St. Margaret's Anfield
Butler Street St. Matthews Scotland Road
Caledonian St. Matthias
Chatsworth Street St. Michaels
Clint Road St. Philemon's
Daisy Street St. Simons
Earle Road Stanley Road
Fonthill Road Steers Street
Garston Wesleyan Tiber Street
Granby Street Upper Pitt Street
Granton Road Venice Street
Great Homer Wesleyan Vine Street Wesleyan
Greenbank Walton Lane
Harrington Webster Road
Hartington Road Wesleyan See Brunswick
Hebrew Wesleyan See Garston Road
Heyworth Street Wesleyan See Great Homer
Lawrence Road Wesleyan See Vine Street
Lister Drive Wesleyan See Whitefield
Longmoor Lane Westminster Road
Monk Street Whitefield Wesleyan
Mossley Hill William Henry Street
North Corporation York Terrace