1891 Census - Piece 2981.

West Derby Union Workhouse. The Test House.

Mill Road workhouse was condemned and pulled down, leaving only a detached builing which held the "Imbeciles". Sick persons were transferred to the "Test House" in Belmont Road, which originally housed vagrants. This was later to become known as Newsham General Hospital.

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation
Abbot Charles Inmate 41 Clerk
Alexander Frank Officer 24 Task Master
Allcock Edward Inmate 71 Farm Labourer
Andrews Mary Inmate 47 Charwoman
Annis Elizabeth Inmate 59 Domestic Servant
Arnold John Officer 27 Task Master
Atkinson William Inmate 64 Designer
Bamner Charles Inmate 49 Dock Labourer
Barwise Jane Inmate 43 Charwoman
Baxter Elizabeth Inmate 56 Charwoman
Beadlow William Inmate 51 Chandler
Beesley Thomas Inmate 53 Baker
Bennett Henry Inmate 55 Farm Labourer
Berry Margaret Inmate 29 Laundress
Birchall George Inmate 57 Labourer
Black Thomas Inmate 57 Marble Mason
Blackburn Elizabeth Inmate 76 Charwoman
Blackwell Henry Inmate 16 Paper Hanger
Blackwell Georgina Inmate 28 Charwoman
Blackwood Margaret Inmate 50 Servant
Blain William Inmate 60 Tailor (Seamans)
Blogg George Inmate 62 Carpenter
Blower Mary Inmate 44 Seamstress
Boag Sarah A Inmate 38 Charwoman
Boardman Daniel Inmate 21 Dock Labourer
Bore ? Joseph Inmate 39 Farm Labourer
Boucher Elizabeth Inmate 39 Charwoman
Bracewell Thomas Inmate 6 nil
Bradley Matthew Inmate 47 Dock Labourer
Bradley Robert Inmate 48 Labourer
Bradshaw James Inmate 44 Plasterer
Breen Margaret Inmate 81 Charwoman
Brook Thomas Inmate 11 Nil
Broughton Hannah Inmate 47 Charwoman
Burkey Alfred Inmate 65 Clerk
Burnell Annie Inmate 46 Charwoman
Burnett Ann Cook 40 Cook
Burras Elizabeth Inmate 66 Seamstress
Bushell Margaret Domestic Servant 24 Domestic Servant
Byrne Dorothy Inmate 60 Domestic Servant
Byrne Thomas Inmate 9 Farm Labourer
Cameron James Inmate 47 Cotton Porter
Cannon John Inmate 53 Painter
Cannon? Patrick Inmate 51 Dock Labourer
Carlow Matthew Inmate 53 Dock Labourer
Carroll John Inmate 35 Brass Moulder
Carroll Patrick Inmate 28 Dock Labourer
Carroll Charles Inmate 20 Dock Labourer
Carroll Catherine Inmate 68 Seamstress
Chambers Thomas Master 43 Workhouse Master
Chambers Sarah Matron 41 Workhouse Matron
Chambers Joseph Child 11 Nil
Chambers Mary A Child 9 Nil
Chambers Sarah H Child 5 Nil
Chambers Thomas Child 2 Nil
Chapman Laura A Inmate 5 ? nil
Clark John Inmate 12 Nil
Clarke George Inmate 43 Painter?
Clarke Peter Inmate 45 Farm Labourer
Clerk Agnes Inmate 40 Tailoress
Clifford Thomas Inmate 69 Blacksmith
Conlan Mary Inmate 35 Cigar Maker
Connelly John Inmate 39 Bricklayer
Connor Catherine Inmate 28 ? Hawker
Conroy Joseph Inmate 15 Nil
Cookson Sarah Ellen Inmate 48 Seamstress
Cooney William Inmate 24 ? Hairdresser
Cotham James Inmate 48 Labourer
Cotton Annie Inmate 54 Seamstress
Coulson Julia Inmate 44 Charwoman
Cox Catherine Inmate 80 Charwoman
Crawford Janet Inmate 41 Charwoman
Crew John Inmate 37 Seaman
Crow Henry Inmate 32 Fireman
Crowney Sarah Inmate 37 Charwoman
Culverhouse Emma Inmate 39 Waitress
Daniels William Inmate 69 Farm Labourer
Davies Ann Inmate 43 Servant
Did Elizabeth Inmate 39 Charwoman
Dilton Thomas Inmate 42 Dock Labourer
Dodd Eliza Inmate 46 Charwoman
Doherty John Inmate 49 Dock Labourer
Doran Winifred Inmate 33 Charwoman
Doran Lousia Inmate 16 Domestic Servant
Doran John Inmate 9 Nil
Doran George Inmate 5 Nil
Doran Rebecca Inmate 1 ? Nil
Dougherty Margaret Inmate 11 Nil
Doyle James Inmate 62 Shoemaker
Duffey James Inmate 57 Farm Labourer
Dunwoody Elizabeth Officer 30 Hosptial Nurse
Eaton Thomas Inmate 23 Dock Labourer
Eaton Alfred Inmate 49 Upholsterer
Elliot ? John Inmate 61 Dock Labourer
Ellis Marion Officer 27 Hosptial Nurse
Ellis John Inmate 53 Labourer
Evans John Inmate 57 Puddler
Finland ? Ann Inmate 50 Seamstress
Fishwick Thomas Inmate 73 Farm Labourer
Fitzgerald Jane Inmate 53 Charwoman
Formby John Inmate 72 Block Maker
Franci?? Mary A M Inmate 33 Domestic Servant
Gagen Harriet Inmate 43 Book Folder
Gaul Thomas Inmate 60 Sailor
Gibbs William Inmate 46 Sailor
Giles William Inmate 66 Carter
Gilles Charles Inmate 61 Brick Seller
Gilroy Robert D Inmate 32 Tailor
Graham John Inmate 59 Baker
Green Samuel Inmate 45 Tailor
Greenlee? Euphemia Inmate 30 Charwoman
Griffiths Jessie Inmate 22 Servant
Hail ? Ann Inmate 39 Charwoman
Hale Sarah Inmate 45 Servant
Haley Mary Inmate 34 Hawker
Hallworth ? Eliza Officer 45 ? Sewing Mistress
Hanritty Mary Inmate 41 Laundress
Harding Richard Inmate 77 Watch Maker
Harris Margaret Inmate 30 Charwoman
Harrison George Inmate 38 Dock Labourer
Harrison Robert Inmate 29 Farm Labourer
Heighly Richard Inmate 54 Ironmonger
Hinchcomb Frederick Inmate 17 Nil
Hope John Inmate 60 Rope Maker
Hopkinson John Inmate 56 Barber
Hughes Susan Inmate 42 Charwoman
Hughes Bridget Inmate 46 Charwoman
Humphries Hannah Inmate 75 Herbalist
Ierons ? William Inmate 61 Marine Engineer
Irving Margaret Inmate 26 Domestic Servant
Irving Martha Inmate 47 Charwoman
James William Inmate 61 Clerk
Johnstone John Inmate 70 Tailor
Jones Mary Officer 34 Task Mistress
Jones Deborah Officer 23 Hosptial Nurse
Jones James Inmate 63 Shoemaker
Jones Edward Inmate 61 Plasterer
Jones Elias A Inmate 39 Chemist
Jones Ellen Inmate 39 Charwoman
Jones Ann Inmate 58 Charwoman
Jopson John Inmate 66 Joiner
Jugolsory ? Mary Inmate 59 Tailoress
Keely James Inmate 65 Photo Artiste
Kelly Thomas Inmate 24 Dock Labourer
Kelly Isaac Inmate 20 Dock Labourer
Kelly Helen Inmate 38 Charwoman
Kelly Margaret Inmate 21 Cotton Picker
Kelly John Inmate 51 Dock Labourer
Kenny John Inmate 17 Seaman
Kerr William Inmate 20 Dock Labourer
Kirk Kate Inmate 24 Charwoman
Larkin Elizabeth A Officer 28 Hosptial Nurse
Larkin? Eliza Inmate 39 Domestic Servant
Larnt J H (male) Porter 27 Porter
Larnt Mary Porteress 27 Porteress
Leader Thomas Inmate 34 Dock Labourer
Leahey John Inmate 42 Clerk
Leg?ward Mary Inmate 38 Laundress
Loftus Timothy Inmate 44 Farm Labourer
Logan Sarah Inmate 67 Charwoman
Lowrey Henry Inmate 41 Grocer
Lunn William Inmate 49 Telegraphist
Ma?kphey Emily Inmate 51 Domestic Servant
Maher Daniel Inmate 12 Nil
Mangan John Inmate 46 Seaman?
March Edward Inmate 33 Cab Driver
Martin Jane Officer 36 Task Mistress
Martin William Inmate 24 Farm Labourer
Matteson ? John Inmate 65 Market Porter
Matthews Thomas Inmate 26 Farm Labourer
Maylor George Inmate 48 Dyer
McCarthy John Inmate 50 Carter
McCarthy Jane Inmate 47 Servant
McCourt Mary Ann Inmate 45 Charwoman
McGloan Amelia Inmate 25 Charwoman
McGovern ? Margaret Inmate 54 Servant
McManus Sarah Inmate 42 Servant
McMullin Elizabeth Inmate 36 Laundress
McQuiggan Ellen Inmate 40 Domestic Servant
Meadows Robert Inmate 50 Carter
Melia Ann Inmate 44 Tailoress
Melrin James Inmate 61 Marine Engineer
Mercer John Inmate 65 Farm Labourer
Merry Arthur Inmate 33 Sailor
Miller Mary A Inmate 28 Charwoman
Miller Ann Inmate 52 Charwoman
Moore Annie Inmate 29 Charwoman
Muldoon Leah Inmate 35 Domestic Servant
Mulldoon William Inmate 48 Provision Dealer
Mullery Mary Inmate 43 Charwoman
Mullholland Henry Inmate 50 ? Joiner
Murphy Susan Inmate 57 Hawker
Murphy Ellen Inmate 67 Charwoman
Murray John Inmate 40 Dock Labourer
Naylor William Inmate 60 Dock Labourer
Nicholson John Inmate 63 Charwoman
O'Burke Edward Inmate 38 Cab Driver
O'Hare Arthur Inmate 48 Labourer
O'Neil James Inmate 48 Miller
O'Niel Bridget Officer 48 Hosptial Nurse
Osborn Robert Officer 39 Task Master
O'Shea Anne Inmate 40 Charwoman
Owen Alice Inmate 33 Charwoman
Owens William Inmate 69 Machinist
Patrick Herbert Inmate 7 Nil
Phillips Elizabeth Inmate 50 Charwoman
Pierpoint Thomas Inmate 49 Printer
Porter Annie Officer 27 Hosptial Nurse
Potter Annie Inmate 29 Charwoman
Povall Harriet Inmate 51 Servant
Probate Hugh Inmate 52 Farm Labourer
Proudman Bridget Inmate 57 Slipper Maker
Quigley John Inmate 20 Dock Labourer
Quilty Richard Inmate 38 Farm Labourer
Quino ? John Inmate 53 Dock Labourer
Rainford Ellen Inmate ? Charwoman
Raven Ada Inmate 31 Domestic Servant
Reed Kate Inmate 40 Charwoman
Richards Charles Inmate 33 Dock Labourer
Rigby William Inmate 46 Distiller
Riley James Inmate 53 Dock Labourer
Riley Elizabeth Inmate 39 Charwoman
Riley Elizabeth Inmate 52 Domestic Servant
Roberts John Inmate 46 Wheelwright
Roberts Walter Inmate 49 Labourer
Roberts Hannah Inmate 64 Charwoman
Robinson Sarah Inmate 73 Servant
Robinson Alice Inmate 50 Charwoman
Rogers John Inmate 57 Blacksmith
Rogers James Inmate 46 Fireman
Ross Jane Inmate 43 ? Charwoman
Rostron Joseph Inmate 9 Farm Labourer
Ruby ? James Inmate 63 Farm Labourer
Rushton Thomas Inmate 62 Clerk
Russell Thomas Inmate 53 Watch Maker
Sanders Frank Inmate 36 Clerk
Saunderson Jane Inmate 56 Domestic Servant
Saxton Jane Inmate 45 Charwoman
Seddon John Inmate 67 Dock Labourer
Shacklady Robert Inmate 35 Clerk (Retired)
Shortland Charles Inmate 44 Market Porter
Shuster John Inmate 21 Sail Maker
Simmonds Easter Inmate 52 Charwoman
Sloan Charles Inmate 40 Rope Maker
Smith James Inmate 54 Farm Labourer
Smith Annie Inmate 48 Charwoman
Sparks Margaret Inmate 51 Domestic Servant
Spencer Fanny Inmate 49 Charwoman
Standish Maria Inmate 54 Hawker
Steele Robert Inmate 47 Cotton Porter
Stephenson Jane Inmate 37 Charwoman
Sterlus ? John Inmate 51 Dock Labourer
Stevenson Annie Inmate 20 Domestic Servant
Stowell Martha Inmate 29 ? Charwoman
Streaney James Inmate 62 Joiner
Swanscow Daniel Inmate 71 Tailor
Swift Catherine Inmate 8 Nil
Taylor John Inmate 60 Dock Labourer
Thomas John Inmate 23 Dock Labourer
Tomson ? William Inmate 69 Ship Steward
Tracey Mary G Inmate 26 Laundress
Tracey Edward B Inmate 17 days Nil
Tully Francis Inmate 29 Tailor
Turvey Ann Inmate 54 Seamstress
Waddington Elizabeth Inmate 61 Domestic Servant
Walker George Inmate 23 Bricklayer
Walters Jane Inmate 40 Servant
Warren Ellen Inmate 28 Seamstress
Waterson Lousia Inmate 27 Domestic Servant
Watson John Inmate 38 Farm Labourer
Weedall Annie Inmate 4? ? Domestic Servant
Whalon Thomas Inmate 30 Dock Labourer
Widowson James Inmate 62 Farm Labourer
Williams Elizabeth Officer 26 Task Mistress
Williams William Inmate 61 Dock Labourer
Williams William Inmate 60 Clerk (Retired)
Williams Marion Inmate 44 Domestic Servant
Williams Henrietta Inmate 18 Domestic Servant
Williams John Inmate 58 Freight Clerk
Williams Mary Inmate 40 Servant
Williams Fanny Inmate 34 Domestic Servant
Williamson John Inmate 18 Dock Labourer
Wilson John Inmate 21 Dock Labourer
Wilson John Inmate 32 Tailor
Wilson Charles Inmate 36 Dock Labourer
Wilson Elizabeth Inmate 59 Charwoman
Wilson Mary Inmate 57 Domestic Servant
Withmoro ? Mary Inmate 58 Laundress
Witlow Edward Inmate 38 Painter?
Woods Edwin Inmate 57 Cabinet Maker
Woods Maria Inmate 60 Dock Labourer
Woods Fanny Inmate 17 Domestic Servant
Wright Thomas Inmate 47 Joiner