Your Society Needs You!

Our Society is run by volunteers, and there is always the need for new people to help run it for the benefit of all Family History researches in South West Lancashire, whether it's offering to make the coffee and tea at group meetings, or becoming an officer on the main Committee.

Currently we are looking for someone who can take over the role of Journal Editor, details of the role can be accessed by clicking on here, and we are looking for a volunteer to become our new Membership Secretary, details of that role can be accessed here.

We are also on the lookout for a person who would like to be involved with the website, initially to work with the current webmaster and eventually taking over once training has been given. There is no need for coding, but a basic knowledge of HTML sometimes comes in handy, although there is so much help on the internet it isn't necessary.

Please give these some thought and contact if you feel you would like to be involved with any of these roles.